Secret of Mana Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES for short) is one of the best gaming consoles I’ve ever owned. Because of the SNES, I was able to play a lot of Role-playing games, which ultimately lead me to get hooked with the genre.

I love RPG games mainly because of their plot. Take Chrono Trigger, for example. Who would’ve thought you can experience time travel, albeit in a game, and become one of the best warriors of all time? You can only experience that by playing RPG games.

In this article, I will talk about one of the top 10 RPG games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

This RPG game is the Secret of Mana Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The story revolves around an unnamed character who was adopted by the village Elder of a village known as “Potos”. The protagonist, along with 2 other children, played near the local waterfalls. The village folk said that the waterfalls is home to some kind of treasure.

Curious about the story, the protagonist swam the waterfalls and found a rusty sword that was embedded in a rock. With a sound of a voice that encouraged him to pull out the sword, and so he did.

After pulling out the sword, a lot of monsters have suddenly spawned near the village. Fearing for their lives, the village people has voted that the protagonist be exiled out of the village because of his actions.

During the protagonist’s travels, he came across a knight called Jema. He recognizes the rusty blade and she calls it the legendary “Mana Sword”. Jema encouraged the protagonist to restore the sword’s powers by visiting 8 mana temples that have the power to “re-energize” it.

And so, the knight, along with a Sprite, journey together towards the different Mana temples in order to empower the Mana sword once again.

Their travels were not peaceful as their efforts to restoring the Mana sword is continually hindered by Imperial forces. Apparently, the Emperor was mind-controlled by Thanatos, an ancient sorcerer capable of casting powerful magic.

The Emperor resides in the Mana Tower where all of the Mana power is. After unlocking the Mana Sword, Thanatos went ahead and controlled the Mana Sword. The only way to stop Thanatos is by releasing the Mana Beast to help balance things out.

The Secret of Mana Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System uses a top-down approach where you can travel different terrain and make battle against different enemies.

The game incorporates an active battle system wherein there are no more turns to wait. You can only control one character at a time and the other two will be controlled by the game’s AI.

Each of the characters has different traits and abilities and it is up to you which character you prefer to use.

The Secret of Mana Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is a great game and I highly encourage you to play this one. I promise you, you won’t regret playing this awesome game.