Persona 4 Game for the Playstation 4 Game Console

Playstation 2 is home to a lot of great role-playing games. In fact, it’s home to two of the most played Final Fantasy games of all time in the form of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII (both titles already having remastered editions).

But, aside from the ever-popular Final Fantasy franchise, there is another franchise that took hold of a lot of gamers playing the Playstation 2 game console, and that is Persona 4.

Persona 4 is the American version while the Japanese version of the game is referred to as “Shin Megami Tensei 4”.

The premise of this franchise is about dealing with ghosts and investigating deaths of unknown causes.

The game begins in a fictional setting; taking place in the rural areas of Inaba. In this town, there are a lot of reports of deaths, though, the causes of these deaths were unknown.

It is up to you, the player, to investigate these strange occurrences. If you’re fond of playing investigative types of games, then this game is for you.

The game starts with the player character, a high school boy, arriving in Inaba. He immediately finds out about these strange killings and is set to investigate the matter.

One night, a TV announcer was found dead with her body hanging from a tightened antenna. The one who found the announcer’s body was also found dead just a few hours later.

After watching the news on the television, the main protagonist then finds himself inside the TV world.

In the TV world, he comes across a character named “Teddie” who has a big role in the game. His role is to help the main protagonist and his party go in and out of the TV world to investigate the strange occurrences.

Anyway, Teddie tells the main character that the strange killings were actually done by the “Shadows”. These shadows are just repressed emotions that are piled up in the TV world. Unfortunately, they are also wreaking havoc in the real world too.

The main gist of the game is to investigate these murders and hopefully put a stop to this strange phenomenon.

Persona 4 is a cross between a role-playing game and a simulation game. You will take control of the main protagonist (he doesn’t have a name by default and you will have the option to name him).

The main protagonist will have to fulfill his roles as a student in the real world while also investigating about the strange occurrences in the TV world.

The TV world is filled with a lot of dungeons and of course, a lot of monsters. “Shadows” will also be present in the TV world and they will predominantly give you a hard time with your investigation.

The dungeons of the game are actually created from the victims themselves. What they’ve done with their life will be emulated in the TV world dungeons.

During combat, you will make use of “Personas”. Personas resemble the inner self of a character and they will be the ones fighting against the shadow.

This game sports a unique gameplay which is why it amassed a lot of fans. With investigative elements and a unique gameplay showcasing “Personas”, Persona 4 is a game that I highly recommend if you’re looking for a great RPG title.